About Us

Evolve Wisely

Modern Marketing is a leading international provider of cross-asset derivatives and securities post-trade processing technology. Our post-trade platform Inferno was initially constructed by and for a global investment bank. At the heart of its design is the ability to bend to new demands: to be fast, flexible, and future-proof.

Using Inferno, you can handle the whole cross-asset post-trade workflow, from trade capture and verification through to reconciliation, all in one, integrated platform. This can help you reduce costs, achieve greater control, minimize risk, and drive operational efficiency.

Modern Marketing places many decades of investment banking experience together with a comprehensive global financial marketplace and technology business knowledge to provide agile, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

Using our fully integrated multichannel technology means you spend less time on manual processing and maintaining regulatory compliance, and more time with your clients.

For more than 15 years Modern Marketing has been providing IT solutions and services, with offices in various areas in Canada.

Since Modern Marketing has over 50 technicians, they can concentrate on emerging areas of information technology and have committed resources to certain disciplines, instead of simply being computer generalists. Their focus and innovation allow them to support over 800 businesses and continue to expand into cutting edge areas of information technology.

Our focus is to provide IT solutions that are both cutting edge and inexpensive.

What are your IT Challenges?
We leverage our IT expertise to help grow businesses and make them successful with a long term focus.

Whatever your IT needs, from telecommunications to complete data center implementation, we can help. We are proud of Modern Marketing since we know that we can supply you with the service that you demand. We’ve built longstanding relationships with our customers and revel in helping them develop their business.