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Ways to Get Rid of Viruses

They slow down your computer, corrupt your files, illegally steal your data, and much more. You’ve probably seen those ads online marketing a service that will scan your computer at no cost and magically clean your computer in addition to make it 20 times quicker. Well, those sites will scan your computer, which is accurate,…
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Do Antivirus Software Enough?

If you are still wondering if antivirus software is successful, you are not alone. In actuality, the debate has been going on for some time. Some researchers have even declared antivirus software ineffective and unnecessary for many years now. But here is the fact: only a particular antivirus technology which makes up a small portion…
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Here’s Why You Don’t Need A Third-Party Security

Firewalls are a vital part of security applications, and a person is constantly trying to sell you a brand new one. However, Windows has come with its own good firewall because Windows XP SP2, and it is more than good enough. You also don’t need a complete Internet security suite. All you should install on…
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