Ways to Get Rid of Viruses

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Ways to Get Rid of Viruses

They slow down your computer, corrupt your files, illegally steal your data, and much more. You’ve probably seen those ads online marketing a service that will scan your computer at no cost and magically clean your computer in addition to make it 20 times quicker. Well, those sites will scan your computer, which is accurate, however, most them are going to charge a huge fee to eliminate all the mistakes found in the scan. Additionally, lots of them are fake and will actually put in malware and spyware onto your computer.

Basically, however, the services use a very simple antivirus scanner/remover. There’s far better applications out there that’s available for you for free. By following the suggestions in this report, you should be able to eliminate most kinds of virus, spyware, or malware from your computer. Evidently, not all malware is created equal and some things are much more difficult to remove than others.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different programs out there from the spyware/virus removal class, many of which are free. The thing to remember is that different virus removal applications will bring various benefits and none of these are 100% completely accurate. By way of example, you may scan your computer with a single virus removal program, eliminate the viruses and then turn around a scan your computer using another application, which will catch more viruses the first program did not pick up.

So the best thing to do when you’ve got a nasty infection with numerous viruses, spyware or malware on your system is to run many programs. So as to get around that, you have to scan the system before the operating system boots up or you must get Windows into Safe Mode and begin the scanning. As soon as you’re in Safe Mode, you want to run several scanning programs one after another until no more cases of disease are found.

So which apps should you decide to run?

Fortunately, I have already written an article on the greatest free anti virus, anti-malware and anti virus programs currently on the market. For those who have a really wise virus, it will even disable your Internet connection by changing settings in Windows. If that’s the case, read my article on troubleshooting Internet connections and it should fix your issue. With comprehensive scanning, most cases of disease can be cleaned completely.

It is a tedious process and requires a bit of technical work, but it usually gets the job done. Besides the Safe Mode method, you should also scan your computer before Windows even has an opportunity to boot up. You can do that by using an offline virus scanner or pre-boot scanner. The way this works is you will need to use a different computer to download an ISO image file from an anti-virus company like Microsoft or Kaspersky and then burn. Since Windows isn’t running, the disease can’t interfere and you’ve got a much greater probability of being able to eliminate it.

This method is truly the only way to eliminate a very nasty virus or virus infection through scanning. There are a couple of rescue disks that I suggest using. The first one is from Microsoft and is named Windows Defender Offline. Take a look at my previous article on using Windows Defender Offline to scan your computer. Be aware that some of these permit you to download an EXE file and install the files on a USB stick, which you can then boot from rather than a CD/DVD.

As previously mentioned, this is somewhat more technical, but all of the websites have guides on how best to make the disks and then use them. A clean install isn’t the most fun thing to do, but it’s the one guaranteed way to eliminate viruses, spyware, and malware. It is pretty straight-forward: when you do a clean install, you delete everything on your hard disk. Some of the time, viruses won’t infect things like pictures, text files, videos, or MP3 files.

A fantastic thing to do would be to scan all of your personal data and if there aren’t any viruses found, copy that into an external drive. This manner, you can do a clean install and not drop anything important. Obviously, you’ll need to reinstall all your apps, etc., but sometimes you’ve got no other option. Performing a clean install isn’t at all as hard as it might appear, it is just time consuming since you need to wait for Windows to set up.